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プレイヤーは誰でも編集できるリソースを維持しました! 現在、Pixpilによって開発されたポスト黙示録的なアドベンチャーRPGに関する 46の記事があります。

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リリース日アナウンストレーラー 開発ブログ
All Aboard for the Eastward Release Date!

Hey everyone! Today we’re thrilled to announce the news we know you’ve all been waiting for… Eastward is coming to PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on Thursday September 16th – and you can pre-purchase it on Steam and Nintendo Switch for 10% off RIGHT NOW! Please note the 10% off is only available for pre-purchases, not after launch, so grab it while it’s hot! The release date was just announced via Nintendo’s Indie World showcase – you can check out the heart-thumping new trailer right here (ooft still gives us chills): We hope the video gives you a little taster […]


superconsole 2021-08-11 16:24:23
Cast Iron Combat

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed our last Eastward blog about the scrumptious snacks you’ll be cooking up. Today we’re giving you a first look at how combat works in Eastward and how it changed over the course of development. Beating up baddies in Eastward is all about teamwork 💪Similar to dungeon areas where you’ll be switching between John and Sam, separating and uniting them to solve puzzles, in combat you’ll need to use their strengths to overpower and overcome enemies. Initially you’ll be using a mix of Sam’s telekinetic powers to stun, while John finishes the job by swinging his trusty…

superconsole 2021-04-26 15:03:46

Hi everyone! Happy Lunar New Year to all those celebrating the Year of the Ox! Now the development team is back from the holidays, let’s kickstart the first Eastward dev blog of 2021 by sharing some tasty info about one of my personal favourite gameplay mechanics in Eastward – cooking! You’ve probably already spotted that our silent protagonist John often wields his trusty frying pan to fend off all sorts of monsters, but did you know he can also whip up a mean bowl of Fruit Salad? (Yummy, yummy.) The world of Eastward is full of fantastical ingredients, conveniently-placed gas…

superconsole 2021-02-25 16:33:24